The project

The area falls under the domain for sale 15 of the City Plan of the borough Duino-Aurisina. The legislation that regulates the construction areas provides the first step in obtaining authorization from the city council of detailed plan for the urbanization. Once approved, you can proceed to the actual design of the buildings and of urbanization.

The detailed plan of private initiative was presented to and approved by resolution of the Board No 28 of 6/20/2011. Urban charges have not yet been met.

The detailed plan approved plans to build over the area of 13,016 m² of 6,000 m³ buildings and accessories so described:

  • 15 single-family homes independent with own parking and garden;
  • a building reserved for services such as commerce, handicraft, offices, associations, etc. It will be changed in three single-family homes;
  • access driveways and parking lots of relationship along the internal road;
  • parking spaces arranged in a report about 250 m² located in a single area;
  • a separate garden with equipment for the children’s game of about 400 m² located in one area.

The detailed plan approved expects plans to respect the instructions provided for the ambit, but what is even more important, a project that aims not to be invasive in the territory. This means that you are not permited to consider buildings with heights of 8m nor their concentration in a single area as it would allow the city plan and that would be a reproach, but was made an intervention shaped the area with buildings spread over the whole area, each with its own garden and with heights very contained so that it is almost hidden in the greenery. These were the urban guidelines for this area declared by strategic point of completion of the urban fabric.

It was decided to also create a project that clearly separate from the residences to avoid any other commercial solutions, such as those that established on the first floor apartments and on the ground floor commercial use.

The detailed plan approved has been divided into seven Minimum Intervention Units in order to allow a correct and functional programming implementation plan project objectives, linking it to building homogeneous segments. For every M.I.U. provided besides the unitary design also the fractioning by lots. This will facilitate the promotion of individual commercial negotiations and the obtaining for everyone the single construction license.

The minimum unit of intervention were so attached and definite:

  • U.M.I. 1-urbanization
  • U.M.I. 2 – commercial activities-crafts-directional. It will be changed in residencies
  • U.M.I. 3-4-5-6-7 – residencies

It is available to all project documentation.


Being in the course of changes to the master plan of the municipality with the variant No. 27, will be presented a variation to the above detailed plan that will substantially new urbanistic directives scope A15 and the replacement of the commercial area, the public garden and public parking with 3 new single-family housing units, typologically similar to those already proposed.

It was also presented on 2/7/2012 to the municipality’s request to increase the volume of 1,500 m³ for scheduled to 7,500 m³.