The offer

Plot for sale measuring 13,016 square meters overlooking the main road from the neighboring center of Aurisina village leading to Aurisina quarries. The land, gently sloping towards the road, is the only land not yet constructed in the urbanized area. It is rich in plants typical of the “Carso” comprising of hornbeams, ashes, oaks, maples etc. Inside is a small and picturesque doline excluded from particles for sale and prone to hydro-geological constraints that prohibit construction.

The area, as well as being directly connected with the road, offers network infrastructure for electricity, telephone communications, the aqueduct, sewage and gas. It is served by public transport buses with frequent connections to Trieste, Sistiana Bay Beach and surroundings. In the immediate vicinity there are also two train stations, one the line Trieste-Venice and the second Trieste-Liubliana. Alternatively the airport of Ronchi Friuli Venezia Giulia is approximately 20Km offering national and international flights.

The detailed plan of the urban area, approved by the City Council, foresee the construction of fifteen single-family houses, each with a spacious garden and parking place.  All buildings will be connected with an internal road along with parking arrangements.

The detailed plan has been made extremely flexible to facilitate trade negotiations. It was anticipated the possibility to buy a single sub-parcel and each of them can be divided into plots containing individual houses or build on only one house with the volume not greater than the sum of the volumes of every provided house.